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Diversity Initiatives

I have experience in using my unique position as a researcher and faculty member to lead efforts to enhance diversity in my laboratory, university, and the discipline of anthropology.


These initiatives work toward enhancing the recruitment, retention, and success of students of diverse abilities and social, economic, racial, and cultural backgrounds.

Laboratory Mentorship

I have personally overseen the training of over 20 undergraduate and graduate students in basic laboratory techniques/chemical hygiene, macrobotancial techniques, microbotanical extraction, and data analysis.

I am proud to have trained exceptional women, LGBTQ+ students, racial and ethnic minority students, students with disabilities, first-generation students, and transfer students.



I have years of experience serving on university committees dedicated to improving access to campus infrastructure and services for visitors, students, faculty, and staff.

During my tenure on these committees, I have reviewed grants for improvement proposals and made recommendations for the allocation of university-allotted funds.

I have also prepared lectures for the University of California system and UCSB on the topic of legal/ethical policies related to accommodating differently abled populations in field-based research and coursework.


Future research will be targeted at learning more about gaps in access to anthropological education for differently abled students and faculty.

Projects will be undertaken independently and in collaboration with other scholars to develop pedagogical exercises and evidence-based solutions aimed at eliminating leaks in the pipeline and revealing key areas for improvement in the recruitment/retention of differently abled individuals.

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